Cars Marine Insurance

When you want your car shipped internationally, you always run to risk on damaged or even loss. By choosing Go Jordan, the chances of damage or loss are a lot lower due to our years of experience and efficiency. Our company have car marine insurance, ensuring our clients comfort and tranquility A typical car marine insurance covers three quarters of the insured party’s liabilities toward another third party. The most common liabilities that are covered under this type of insurance are liabilities arising when a collision with another ship arises or when car is damaged during bad weather on sea. Go Jordan are experts in the shipping to car and take excellent care during the entire process. From warehouse to end destination, your cargo will always be secure. However, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can arise and potentially harm your cargo. In order to protect you as a client, we are covered by cargo marine insurance. All-risk car marine insurance, it protection for example flood, tornado or another natural disaster,